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Chocolate Tree pictures

Most people have never seen a chocolate tree, and its even difficult to find photographs of them. So, if all else fails, grow your own ... 
an indoor chocolate tree
A couple of indoor chocolate trees.
another chocolate tree houseplant Theobroma Cacao - a mix of new and mature leaves
A mix of new leaves (small, red, vertical) and mature (large, green, horizontal).

damaged chocolate tree tip, new growth
Bifurcation as a response to a damaged tip ...
Theobroma Cacao: spontaneous "crowning"
... and spontaneous crowning.
Note the  thickened sections at each end of a leaf-stem.
Theobroma Cacao: rapid growth and maturation of a "crown"
Rapid growth and maturation of a crown ...
Theobroma Cacao: rapid growth and maturation of a "crown" (II) Theobroma Cacao: development of new branches
 ... and resulting branching.

images copyright E. Baird, 2007