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Book Cover: "The Abyss of Time" ISBN 0955706815, Martin Hutchinson

" This series, the Fibonacci Numbers, was formulated in the 13th century, but there is very good reason to suppose that the numbers concerned were known at a very much earlier date, utilized in diverse ways and influenced choices to an extent that has determined the nature of many present day modes. "
"The Abyss of Time: An architect's history of the Golden Section" explores the nature of the famous Fibonacci Series, its ability to produce the Golden Section proportions that regularly appear in ancient architecture, and the possibility that the Series (in conjunction with a hypothetical "Megalithic Foot") may once have been used as the basis of a standard measurement scale and system of architectural units in historic and prehistoric times.

A talented architect, artist and musician, Hutchinson left an essentially-complete manuscript for "Abyss" - when he died in 1973, his collection of essays on the reconstruction of missing details and forgotten information itself became another "missing book", whose name and contents could only be deduced from contemporary newspaper cuttings and lecture programmes.

Resurrected after thirty-five years, and typeset and printed with modern technology, "Abyss" is now finally being published for the first time, in 2008.
pages i-xii, 1-178, paperback, 234156mm, 40 b&w figures and illustrations,
includes index, price GBP 9-99, USD 14-99

1st July 2008

The Abyss of Time: An architect's history of the Golden Section    ISBN 0955706815
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